Saturday, June 7, 2008



If anyone's interested I'm headin to the Zoo on Wednesday at around 1sh for a few hours. I'll publish the sketches here if anyone else comes, if I'm on me todd it wouldn't be a sketchclub function, I'll just post 'em on me personal blog. Just figure weekends'd be way too busy in there, especially since I saw on the news that there's a new baby rhino in there as of last week. Hopefully one or two of yez will be interested. So it's meet at the Zoo entrance gates at 1 'o clock.

Regards hopefully one or two of yez might be on,


Ciaran said...

Really good idea setting this up. I might join ye in the future.

Derm said...

Ah shite, only reading this now. Next time I'd love to tag along. need to start drawing on paper again.-Derm