Tuesday, June 3, 2008

1st Artwork post


We had the !st sketchclub on Sunday. There were only four of us, Tim, Fran, Mooney and meself, but it was a bit of a laugh. We started at around twenty past one, in the park opposite the National Gallery, and we finished up around three. The weather was quality, and the park wasn't overcrowded. We strolled down to the quays to see if we could sketch the tall ships that were docked, but it was way too crowded, and Fran was after buying stinky twelve year old cheese, so it was exit stage left. Hopefully we'll have a few more with us the next time around. But like what you guys can tell from the above, none of us are Michaelangelos or whatever. Hopefully we'll have a couple of members that will blow the rest of us off the planet, but basically we're just doodlin' and chattin.

I'll set one more for this month, because I did start off on a bad weekend, with the bank holiday and all of that, Tim just said the other day, that if we're in for a good summer, the zoo would be great if the weather was up to scratch. I don't want to exclude anyone, finiacially so I might set that aside for a weekday, on a weather-standby, ha ha!

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